Ding Repair

Oahu's Best and Fastest Ding Repair!

Bring your surfboard to Hapa Boardshop for quality and Fast ding repairs. 


before ding repair surfboard railbefore ding repair surfboard top
after ding repair surfboard railafter ding repair surfboard top
ding repair surfboard beforesurfboard ding repair fix
surfboard ding repair fixsurfboard ding repair fix

Drop your board off and we will have it back from our professional repairer in about a week!  

Don't be fooled by others claiming "fast repairs" or "starting at" claims.  Our ding repairs are done faster and cheaper with better quality than any other repairs out there.

We always color match.  No hidden fees to do the job right.

First Ding:     $50        

Additional Dings:     $15 each

Major Repairs:     $65 and up.

Boxes: Futures, FCS, FCS II & leash Plug:      $75 each box

Long Board Single Fin Boxes:      $85

Epoxy:     20-30% more than PU repairs      

Broken or buckled boards: Sorry, we don’t repair those.  We do have some great deals on replacement boards though. 

We also sell ding repair supplies.   Click here for the DIY route.


fin box ding repair


leash plug ding repair surfboard